Jagathess a/l SV GUNA is an ordinary 9 yr old. He picked up the game of chess at the young age of 7 and he is now already the 1st runner up in the U8 National Age Group Chess Tournament 2010. Within one year he already competed in around 25 local and international chess tournaments.
    Recently he achieved 4th place in The Commonwealth Chess Tournament(New Delhi-May 2010). His dream is to become the first Malaysian chess grandmaster. The fact is Malaysia is the only country in SEA that has no chess GM, even Vietnam and Bangladesh have their fair share of GM. Let us keep this boys' dream alive.

    As a father oh him i really proud of him and his talent should reach upto sky.please pray for him to acheive more and win more matches in the upcoming games

    And thanks for u all to come here to visit his blog please visit often and encourage him a lot .thank u all

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